Ethiopia After Meles Zenawi: International Crisis Group Full Report

Note from Editor: On July 30,2012 ethiopiaforums.com reported ESAT’s The Ethiopian satellite television announcement as Meles Zenawi is dead sourcing insiders in Belgium and mention that ICG is preparing a document even... Read more »
Bereket simon meles zenawi health

Bereket Simon : Meles Zenawi is ‘getting better’ told to BBC

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is in “a good condition and recuperating”, a government spokesman has told the BBC, dismissing reports he is critically ill. However, Bereket Simon declined to give any... Read more »

ICG Denied Meles Zenawi Death

Belgium Brussels based International Crisis Group denied today for being a source on Meles Zenawi death or his health situation. According to a press release by the group website the group has... Read more »