UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Crackdown On Journalists

The United Nations human rights chief today condemned the crackdown on journalists in Ethiopia and the increasing restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression in the Horn of Africa nation. The comments... Read more »

Ethiopia : Fossil foot bone shows LUCY had two feet firmly on the ground

New fossil evidence seems to confirm that a key ancestor of ours could walk upright consistently – one of the major advances in human evolution. The evidence comes in the form of... Read more »

The finding of Oldest tool use in Ethiopia challenged

The idea that human ancestors were using stone tools about 3.4 million years ago has been challenged by a Spanish-led team of researchers. The original claim was based on what were purported... Read more »

Questions raised about ‘Ardi’ as man’s ancestor

By MALCOLM RITTER (AP) NEW YORK — Last fall, a fossil skeleton named “Ardi” shook up the field of human evolution. Now, some scientists are raising doubts about what exactly the creature... Read more »

Ethiopian Rights Groups Forced to Reduce Work Before Elections

By Jason McLure May 14  — Aid agencies and Ethiopian rights groups said they have scaled back work to promote democracy after the government blocked much of their foreign funding, making it... Read more »
Ethiopian Human rights Commission

Ethiopian Commission Start Investigate Grenade Attack on Candidate’s Home

By Jason McLure May 1 (Bloomberg) — The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission started a probe into a grenade attack on an opposition candidate’s home in a remote village in the north of... Read more »