Inside Bale Mountains Park, Ethiopia’s nature reserve where wolves and honey badgers roam

At first it’s a speck on the landscape, a barely tangible tangerine blur beyond tufts of alpine shrubs. I try not to get too excited. My first wolf sighting turned out to... Read more »

BBC – Travel – The last beekeepers of Ethiopia’s Harenna Forest

The sun was beginning its evening dip as I set off into the Harenna Forest. Strange tubular shapes glowed in the treetops, catching the pale golden light. Wedged between branches, they looked... Read more »

Ethiopia: Dairy, Meat Exports Surge

The Ethiopian Meat & Dairy Industry Development Institute reported that the country generated 104 million dollars from meat, honey, wax, fodder products, and milk and dairy exports during the recently ended fiscal... Read more »

Ethiopia: Landscape Restoration in Ethiopia Brings Watershed to Life

Photo: Cathy Watson/ICRAF Water is now abundant in Gergera after “treatment” of the catchment with gabions, planting of trees and elephant grass, and natural regeneration of vegetation. Ethiopia is suffering from severe... Read more »

Ethiopian honey farmers struggle with sticky traditions

Honey traditionally plays a big role in Ethiopian life where it is used in cooking, for medicinal purposes and as a key ingredient in the local mead known as tej The beehives... Read more »

One Young Man’s Journey from South Orange to Gambella, Ethiopia and Back

  This Sunday, South Orange’s Erik Douds will be leading a very singular presentation at the St. Andrew Holy Communion Parish Hall. After graduating from Colby College, Douds went on a three-month... Read more »