Inside Bale Mountains Park, Ethiopia’s nature reserve where wolves and honey badgers roam

At first it’s a speck on the landscape, a barely tangible tangerine blur beyond tufts of alpine shrubs. I try not to get too excited. My first wolf sighting... Read more »

BBC – Travel – The last beekeepers of Ethiopia’s Harenna Forest

The sun was beginning its evening dip as I set off into the Harenna Forest. Strange tubular shapes glowed in the treetops, catching the pale golden light. Wedged between... Read more »

Ethiopia: Dairy, Meat Exports Surge

The Ethiopian Meat & Dairy Industry Development Institute reported that the country generated 104 million dollars from meat, honey, wax, fodder products, and milk and dairy exports during the... Read more »

Ethiopia: Landscape Restoration in Ethiopia Brings Watershed to Life

Photo: Cathy Watson/ICRAF Water is now abundant in Gergera after “treatment” of the catchment with gabions, planting of trees and elephant grass, and natural regeneration of vegetation. Ethiopia is... Read more »

Ethiopian honey farmers struggle with sticky traditions

Honey traditionally plays a big role in Ethiopian life where it is used in cooking, for medicinal purposes and as a key ingredient in the local mead known as... Read more »

One Young Man’s Journey from South Orange to Gambella, Ethiopia and Back

  This Sunday, South Orange’s Erik Douds will be leading a very singular presentation at the St. Andrew Holy Communion Parish Hall. After graduating from Colby College, Douds went... Read more »