Police find driver in hit-and-run that killed Ethiopian woman (Video)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland police said Thursday they now know who was behind a hit-and-run that killed a woman earlier in the week. Police say 21-year-old Abaynesh Awokie was killed by a... Read more »
hit-and-run-Gejea Ejeta-Willaisha-Rankins-surrender

Suspect Who Hit and Run Ethiopian Gejea Ejeta Surrendered (Video)

The woman who drove an out of control vehicle slams into a 7-11 employee Gejea Ejeta in Yeadon has surrendered. Willaisha Rankins turned her self in to police, shortly after 12 p.m.,... Read more »

Car Accident Left a Promising Young Girl in Hospital. Family Pleas For Information

Selam just graduated from a University to become a Doctor and hoping to attend Harvard Medical School. She was scheduled to start her first job Monday at Children’s Hospital but this young... Read more »

Four men walk away after train hits their car in Warner Robins Georgia

WARNER ROBINS — Four men walked away after a train struck a car early Friday at Ignico Drive near Ga. 247. “They’re all walking and talking — just looking a little dazed... Read more »

Ethiopian Man Escape Death from Hit and Run Caught on Tape (Video)

Ethiopian Gejea Ejeta escaped death after he was hit by a car and thrown through the window of a convenience store where he work at. Yeadon police are searching for a woman... Read more »

Super Shuttle Driver Muhammed Teshale Charged with Hit & Run (video)

ALEXANDRIA – The driver of an airport Super Shuttle is facing numerous charges after witnesses say he hit as many as six cars on his way out to Dulles International Airport without... Read more »