Ethiopia govt admits hundreds killed in ethnic clashes, Oromos worst affected

The Ethiopian government has revised the death toll rising from the ethnic clashes that hit the eastern part of the country. Information Minister, Negeri Lencho, on Monday said hundreds of people were... Read more »

Coke Studio Africa 2017 Kicks off in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Addis Ababa – Coca-Cola Company celebrates the official launch of its music flagship Coke Studio Africa 2017 in Ethiopia. Being broadcasted in Ethiopia for the second time in its history, Coke Studio... Read more »

‘Flashpoint’ Festival Looms in Ethiopia

Ethiopian authorities should exercise restraint at a festival held by the country’s largest ethnic group in October, after security forces at last year’s event triggered a fatal stampede by using teargas and... Read more »

Willowell to celebrate Ethiopian food and music at benefit night for AIDS outreach group

Posted on September 11, 2017 | By Addison Independent LINCOLN — One Love AIDS HIV Awareness Theater is a theater troupe in Hawassa, Ethiopia, which performs shows about AIDS and gender equality... Read more »

Ethiopia can’t be trusted to respect rights of any political opponent – group

Be they internal or external, Ethiopia is no respecter of its political opponents, a Geneva-based rights group has said. The African Rights Monitor (ARM) group was reacting to the controversial refoulement of... Read more »

Somalia hands over ONLF rebel leader to Ethiopia: group

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Somali authorities have handed over to Ethiopia a senior official of the ONLF rebel group, which is fighting for the secession of Ogaden from Ethiopia, the group said.... Read more »

Ethiopia human rights group puts spotlight on abuses in prisons [Video]

The Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP) has shone light on instances of rights abuses in the country’s prisons. EHRP used the story of a young woman, Nigist Yirga, who has been held... Read more »

South Sudan army captures Ethiopia border town held by rebels

South Sudan’s government said on Friday it had taken the last town before the main rebel base of Pagak, where thousands of civilians have fled to escape fighting near the border with... Read more »

Ethiopian Musicians Charged With Terrorism for Resistance Songs

In the face of government repression, Afan Oromo musicians have risen as a visible – and audible – source of inspiration for the opposition movement. Screenshot from one of Seena’s viral Afan... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Walias Beat Djibouti Football Team 5-1

July 16, 2017 – After its defeat by Ghana’s national team a couple of weeks ago, Ethiopia’s national team, the Walias, trashed the Shoremen of the Red Sea of Djibouti 5-1 in... Read more »