Salini says filling Gibe III dam started

The Italian construction firm, Salini, last Saturday started filling the Gilgel Gibe dam. Eng. Azeb Asnake, project manager of Gilgel Gibe III, told The Reporter that the contractor has... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Hydroelectric Program – Boon or Folly?

Developing countries worldwide view the construction of power facilities as integral to their economic development to lift their populations out of poverty. Ethiopia has now embarked on massive hydroelectric... Read more »

Africa’s Friend China Finances $9.3 Billion of Hydropower

When completed in 2013, Gibe III on Ethiopia’s Omo River will be Africa’s tallest dam, a $2.2 billion project that conservationists say will deprive birds and hippos of vital... Read more »

Ethiopia reject UN recommendation to stop Gilgel Gibe III dam construction

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopian officials say they will not heed the U.N.’s recommendation to halt construction on a dam that the world body says endangers a world heritage... Read more »

Kenyan MPs Say Ethiopia’s Move To Divert Waters Of River Omo Will Dry Up Turkana Lake

NAIROBI, Aug 11 –Kenyan members of Parliament have warned that the country’s Lake Turkana, the world biggest saline lake, risks drying up should the Ethiopian government proceed with the... Read more »

Activists pushing hard to stop Gibe 3 Dam fund from China

It’s a story that truly spans the globe: Activists from all over the world, including San Francisco, are trying to stop the construction of a dam in Ethiopia financed... Read more »


Gilgel Gibe II, the hydro power plant which collapsed last February due to unforeseen accident only weeks after its official inauguration, is set to resume production in days. The... Read more »

Ethiopia Plans Power Exports to Sudan After Rains Boost Dams

Supplies to Sudan will total about 200 megawatts, while 150 megawatts may also be sold to Djibouti should there be sufficient supplies, said Mekuria Lemma, head of strategic management... Read more »