Coffee faces double threat in Ethiopia

Farmer Ahmed Mume started growing khat on his coffee farm in Deder, eastern Ethiopia a decade ago. Photo: AP One kilogram of coffee sells for between 50 and 60 birr ($2.40-$2.80). A... Read more »

Coffee faces a double threat to its existence in eastern Ethiopia

HARAR, Ethiopia (Reuters) – For generations, farmers planted the lush earth of Awedai and nearby areas in eastern Ethiopia with coffee trees, earning a livelihood from a crop that is now the... Read more »

Cardano and Ethiopian Government to Introduce Agritech Blockchain

The Ethiopian government has recently struck a deal with Cardano (ADA) to work together on finding ways to use blockchain technology to improve the agritech industry. The collaboration will focus particularly on... Read more »

Karuturi to start afresh in Ethiopia

Passing through turbulent years in Ethiopia, Karuturi Agro Products PLC – a subsidiary of the Indian based Karuturi Global Ltd (KGL) – said it is about to recommence the troubled commercial farms... Read more »

EthioChicken: Ethiopia’s well-hatched idea

John Aglionby March 15, 2018 Experimental feature Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Experimental feature or Give us your feedback Thank you for your feedback. What do you... Read more »

Bridging the gender pay gap, on the red carpet and in the fields | Agriculture

When discussing the Hollywood pay gap, we are talking more about differing scales of luxury rather than livelihoods. It is, of course, unacceptable for any woman to receive less than a man... Read more »

Please don’t stop giving to charity – these Ethiopian farmers show how crucial it is | Tadesse Amera | Opinion

Among crops, cotton is notorious for the high volumes of hazardous pesticides used to grow it. Pesticide poisoning of smallholder farmers is all too common and indiscriminate use is a major cause... Read more »

Ethiopian Industrial Park’s Expansion Opens Old Wounds

The small Ethiopian town of Dukem has some of the most fertile land in the country. It also is home to Ethiopia’s first industrial park. Dukem is part of a government-led push... Read more »

Expansion of Ethiopia’s first industrial park reopens old wounds

DUKEM, Ethiopia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The scenic road from Addis Ababa to the small town of Dukem is peppered with signs of industry: warehouses and factories, garages and gas stations, newly-built... Read more »

Ethiopian scientist praised by Bill Gates for impacting lives of small-scale farmers

World’s richest man and CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has hailed the efforts of an Ethiopian plant pathologist working to positively impact the lives of small-scale farmers across the world. Dr. Segenet... Read more »