Ethiopian regime to get EU migrants’ names

Ethiopia is negotiating a deal with the European Union to deport nationals without the proper paperwork back to the east African country. The discussions include dispatching agents from Ethiopia’s intelligence and security... Read more »

Ethiopia to free opposition leader and hundreds of others | News | Africa

Ethiopia’s government announced Monday it would release hundreds of people awaiting trial including imprisoned opposition leader Merera Gudina and would pardon others convicts in the coming months. The announcement came less than... Read more »

[A year ago] Ethiopia arrested Oromo leader Merera Gudina, still behind bars

On Thursday December 1, 2016; authorities in Ethiopia arrested a leading opposition figure Merera Gudina. A year on, he remains in jail facing multiple criminal charges downgraded from an earlier charge of... Read more »

Oromo leader Merera Gudina: the Biggest victim of Ethiopia state of emergency?

Ethiopia’s parliament in August 2017 voted to lift a state of emergency imposed since October 2016. What started as a six-month measure to quell anti-government protests, eventually lasted 10 months. After the... Read more »

European Parliament Demands Investigation Into Ethiopia Killings

Demonstrators chant slogans while flashing the Oromo protest gesture during Irreecha, the thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people, in Bishoftu town, Oromia region, Ethiopia, October 2, 2016. © 2016 Reuters Today, the... Read more »

Ethiopia is making nonviolent Oromo dissent impossible –

(OPride) ― The Ethiopian parliament on March 30, 2017 voted to extend by four months the state of emergency it declared in October 2016 to suppress the unprecedented Oromo protests that engulfed the country for a... Read more »

Letter on Ethiopia to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs / Vice-President of the European Commission Mogherini

Armed security officials watch as protesters stage a protest against government during the Irreechaa cultural festival in Bishoftu, Ethiopia on October 02, 2016.© 2016 Getty Images Federica Mogherini High Representative of the... Read more »

Letter on Ethiopia to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs … – Human Rights Watch

Federica Mogherini High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs /Vice-President of the European CommissionRue de la Loi, Wetstraat 2001049 Brussels Brussels, March 23, 2017 Dear High Representative Mogherini, Human Rights Watch... Read more »

EU parliament writes to Ethiopian president over detained Oromo leader

The European Parliament (EP) has officially written to the Ethiopian government seeking clarification on the arrest of an opposition leader, Dr. Merera Gudina. The EP President, Martin Schulz, in a letter to... Read more »

HRW Urges Europe to Take Strong Action Against Ethiopia – Voice of America

At a European Parliament subcommittee meeting on human rights and development, Human Rights Watch called on the European Union and international community to take strong action against Ethiopia. The international community has... Read more »