Ethiopia Can Get $7.6 Billion by Selling Ethiopian Airlines and 4 More Companies

(Bloomberg)  Ethiopia’s government would raise 132 billion birr ($7.6 billion) if it sold the country’s five biggest state-owned companies to private investors, Access Capital SC said. The sale of Ethiopian Airlines Enterprises,... Read more »

Frustration on Ethio Telecom Poor Service

Customers voice frustration over poor telecom services Big enterprise customers including embassies, money transferring agents and other companies whose engagements are mainly dependant on the internet and related services voiced anger and... Read more »
Cellphonetower Ethiopia

Customers Keep Complain on EthioTelecom Service, Problems Gets Worse

Ethio Telecom customers are complaining about growing problems with the mobile and internet service network. Even though, the sole telecom provider has recently concluded a huge expansion project in terms of telecom... Read more »

Ethio telecom’s price change and new options

Ethio telecom, the sole provider of telecom service in Ethiopia has introduced changes to voucher card denominations and air time services amid customer’s concerns. The telecom monopoly came up with voucher cards... Read more »
Online oppressors

Ethiopia one of the worst online oppressor

Ethiopia listed as a user of  Infrastructure control as a method for using  Internet oppression in the country. In a report by a committee to protect journalist world worst online oppressors uses... Read more »

Ethio Telecom cut prices introduces new products

EthiopianReporter:By Hayal Alemayehu Ethio Telecom introduces new products and tariffs including lower tariffs for mobile voice service, reduced price for new mobile SIM card and optimized broadband service packages which will become... Read more »
Gonder telecommunication

Lay offs lead to theft at Ethiotelecom

People in the small room of an old building at Arat Kilo, waited in long lines like they normally do at the beginning of every month to pay their phone bills. However,... Read more »

Arkebe to investigate mishandling of staff assignment in EthioTelecom

Ethiopianreporter By Kaleyesus Bekele Meles Zenawi has assigned Arkebe Oqubay, advisor to the Prime Minster with the rank of minister, to investigate and take appropriate action over the mishandling of the reassignment... Read more »

Ex-Ethiopian telecom CEO gets four years in jail

The Reporter:By Tamiru Tsige The Federal High Court, First Criminal Bench Wednesday passed a four-year sentence and 5,000 birr fine on the ex-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the former Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation... Read more »
Tesfaye biru former ETC CEO

Court found Former ETC CEO guilty for corruption

Reporter : By Mikias Sebsibe Tesfaye Biru (Ph.D.), former CEO of Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), and 16 other defendants were found guilty of corruption on Wednesday in connection with a mobile telecom... Read more »