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By Alemayehu G. Mariam Author’s Note: Last week, Vision of Humanity issued its 2017 Global Peace Index (GPI).  Its report on Ethiopia is certainly the most distressing though unequivocal, straightforward and clear-cut.... Read more »

Ethiopia Locks Down Digital Communications in Wake of #OromoProtests – Global Voices Online

Photo published on EthioTube page titled “Pictures from Oromo Protest – Winter 2015″. No attribution or further context appears on the site. When students in Ginchi, a small town 75 km west... Read more »

EthioTelecom says Ericsson to take part of telecom deal after ZTE row

(Reuters) – Swedish telecom group Ericsson is set to sign a contract with Ethiopia to expand telecom infrastructure, taking a slice of an $800 million contract from Chinese firm ZTE Corp because... Read more »

Ethio Telecom signs $800 million deal with China’s ZTE

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia has signed an $800m (£510m) deal with Chinese telecom giant ZTE to expand its mobile phone network, state-run Ethio Telecom has said. The agreement would help double the... Read more »

Ericsson Launches 3G and Connect to Learn in the Millennium Village in Ethiopia

Ericsson has provided the network infrastructure and services to bring voice and data communications to the Millennium Village Project (MVP) in Koraro located in a remote part of northern Ethiopia. With access... Read more »

EthioTelecom to Start 4G LTE Service

According to Ethiopian Telecom to start a 4G LTE service and to cover main cities in the country in the coming couple of years. Airtel Nigeria, one of the country’s GSM... Read more »

Ethiopia Permits Mobile Banking and Money Services

VOA News Ethiopia is one of the last countries in Africa to permit mobile banking. Mobile banking has proved to be profitable in the developing world, where many people still do not... Read more »

Mobile Subscribers Numbers in Ethiopia tops 17 million – EthioTelecom

Number of Mobile Subscribers in Ethiopia tops 17 million – Ethio-Telecom Source: State-run Ethio Telecom (formerly Ethiopia Telecom Corporation, ETC) has announced its operational and financial results for its fiscal year... Read more »
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Using Skype in Ethiopia Could Land You Jail for 15 Years

An Ethiopian communications crackdown is targeting Skype users, threatening a 15-year jail sentence for anyone who dares to make an Internet-based phone call. New legislation passed in May has criminalized the use... Read more »

Ethiopian Government Steps Up Control of Internet,News and Information Uses Sophisticated Technology

Ethiopia’s only ISP, state-owned Ethio-Telecom, has just installed a system for blocking access to the Tor network, which lets users browse anonymously and access blocked websites. At the same time, the state-owned... Read more »