Ethnic Politics Split Ethiopians in US

Community Center tries to bring them together America’s Ethiopian community has grown quickly since the 1980s and one of its hubs is the northwestern state of Washington. Yet, even though they live... Read more »

D.C. attorney general investigating gas station owner Eyob “Joe” Mamo

The District’s attorney general said Wednesday that his office is investigating the city’s largest owner of gas stations for potential antitrust violations. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said that his office is... Read more »

Ethopian cafe owner arrested in major khat bust in Washington DC

District police charged the owner of an Ethiopian cafe with the illegal narcotic khat after investigators intercepted hundreds pounds of the leafy substance, which is used as a common stimulant in East... Read more »

As Black Population Declines in D.C., Little Ethiopia Thrives

It was about an hour into the afternoon rush at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and Kassahun Addis pushed through the back kitchen doors and made his way through the dining room to the... Read more »
Gas stations owned by Joe mamo around the District

Meet the guy who owns half of D.C.’s Gas stations, Joe (Eyob) Mamo, D.C.’s Gas-Station Master

To hear him tell it, Joe Mamo’s move from Ethiopia to North Dakota in 1981 was accidental. Mamo’s father, Yenberber Mamo, was a public transit mogul who manufactured buses and ran the... Read more »