A Police Man Stabbed to Death in Ethiopia: Opposition Balmed

* Suspects arrested, says government *National election to be held on May 23 By Barry Malone ADDIS ABABA, May 9 (Reuters) – The Ethiopian government said on Sunday a... Read more »

Ethiopian Mother of 5 Wins Emeril’s Breakfast in Bed Contest (video)

Almaz Gebremedhin Worked 3 Jobs to Support 5 Kids; Son: ‘If I Could Give You the World, I Would’ In the thousands of submissions to the “Good Morning America”... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines refutes unfounded reports in relation to Et-409 crash

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: May 6, 2010 – The Ethiopian airlines said it continues to refute any suggestions or conclusions made in reference to the recent accident of ET409 until... Read more »

በአዲስ አበባ ዩንቨርሲቲ ግጭት ተቀሰቀሰ… 24 ተማሪዎች ተጎድተዋል

መንግስታዊው ETV መነሻው በአንድ ተማሪ ሞባይል ስልክ መጥፋት ምክንያት ነው በሚለው እና የግል ጋዜጦች ምክንያቱ ክመጪው ምርጫ ጋር በተገናኘ አለመግባባት ነው በሚሉት የአዲስ አበባው ስድስት ኪሎ ዩንቨርስቲ የተማሪዎች ግጭት... Read more »

Ethiopian Urga Negewo wins Belfast Marathon

Ethiopian Urga Negewo wins Belfast Marathon Thousands gathered at City Hall in Belfast for the start of the race Ethiopian runner Urga Negewo has won the 29th Belfast Marathon... Read more »

A cup of Ethiopian Origin Coffee For $ 12 Dollar

If the caffeine doesn’t wake you up, the price certainly will. At $12 a cup, the coffee at Cafe Grumpy makes Starbucks seem like a bargain brew. Made from... Read more »

Challengers Face Long Odds in Bid to Unseat Ethiopian Rulers

With three weeks to go before Ethiopia elects a new parliament, one opposition candidate has been murdered. Another’s house has been attacked with grenades. Both incidents occurred in the... Read more »

kenyan Man Senteced Death For Killing His Ethiopian Lover

Sharjah: A lover accused of murdering his girlfriend faces the death sentence in Sharjah, according to court documents. The Kenyan man, I.O., told the court that he murdered the... Read more »

Ethiopian Man Arrested After Trying to Kidnap A Girl, 11

SILVER SPRING, Md. – Police in Montgomery County are investigating after a man attempted to force himself inside the apartment of an 11-year-old girl as she returned home from... Read more »

Ethiopian Commission Start Investigate Grenade Attack on Candidate’s Home

By Jason McLure May 1 (Bloomberg) — The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission started a probe into a grenade attack on an opposition candidate’s home in a remote village in... Read more »