Alum Champions Open Access in Ethiopia

When Library Information Sciences alumna Janet Lee (MLS, ’78) decided to apply for a Fulbright to return to Ethiopia, where she had spent her most recent sabbatical and previous time in the... Read more »

The debate continues over repatriating Ethiopia’s looted treasures – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The debate continues over repatriating Ethiopia’s looted treasuresPittsburgh Post-GazetteThe yellow card saying “New Acquisition” beside a 19th-century necklace in a glass case within the Institute of Ethiopian Studies in Addis... Read more »

Artifacts Stolen From Ethiopia Revives Controversy in Exhibition

A manuscript from Maqdala now at the British Library. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS A new artifacts exhibition that opened April 5 at London’s famous Victoria and Albert museum of ancient treasures looted from... Read more »

Ethiopia: On Decolonizing Ethiopian Studies – Methodological Nationalism As Bad As Eurocentrism

opinion By Hailegabriel G. Feyissa I am writing this short essay in response to Hewan Semon’s rather interesting and thought-provoking opinion piece ‘Decolonizing Ethiopian Studies’. I am jumping on her offer for... Read more »

Ethiopia: Son of Ethiopia, Son of Ethiopia's Friend in Need – Pankhurst – Awramba Times

By Worku Belachew (The Ethiopian Herald) The infamous League of Nations proved its injustice in broad daylight remaining tight lipped and inefficient when the Italian colonial forces occupied the east African country,... Read more »