OPED Kenya must protect refugees who fled brutal military attacks in Ethiopia

Ayantu, a 53-year-old mother of seven, had just finished preparing lunch for her children when military personnel surrounded her village. They pulled everyone out of their homes and asked... Read more »

The Long Arm of Ethiopia Reaches for Those Who Fled

“Wako” fled Ethiopia for Kenya in 2012, after his release from prison. He had been locked up for two years after campaigning for the Oromo People’s Congress, an opposition... Read more »

Taste of Ethiopia fundraiser goes today – The Lethbridge Herald

By Sulz, Dave on June 24, 2017. Taste of Ethiopia, a fundraising event for Galata Ministries, will take place today at La Cite Des Prairies, 2104 6 Ave. S.,... Read more »

73 Ethiopians voluntarily returning from Norway

Over 70 Ethiopians have elected to leave Norway voluntarily under the government’s recent repatriation agreement. According to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), 73 applied during the so-called ‘voluntary’ period... Read more »

More than 3,000 Ethiopian migrants stuck on Yemeni-Saudi border

More than three thousand Ethiopian migrants – who risked their lives leaving the Horn of Africa – find themselves stranded in Yemen, near the Saudi Arabian border. The migrants... Read more »

East Africa facing historic drought and famine

(CNN) – The United Nations is warning as many as 10 million people are facing severe food shortages in East Africa as the region suffers its worst drought in... Read more »

Ethiopian Deportees from Yemen Arrive Anxious and Unhappy

Ethiopian deportees from Middle Eastern countries, 60 of whom came from Yemen, arrived at Bole International Airport on Monday, April 4, 2011, after escaping the economic crisis and political... Read more »

Ethiopians in Norway gave up church refuge

The last of nearly 100 Ethiopian refugees who failed to qualify for asylum in Norway gave up their week-long occupation of the Oslo Cathedral (Domkirken) on Monday. Now they’ll... Read more »