Ethiopia’s Southern State Grants Amnesty to 3,099 Prisoners

September 7, 2017 – Following the same suit of other Ethiopian regional states, Ethiopia’s Southern (Debub) regional state granted 3,099 prisoners amnesty ahead of the upcoming Ethiopian New Year, which starts on... Read more »

Editing the Bible: From Cush to Ethiopia – and back to Cush

(OPride) – In 1517 Martin Luther, a professor of theology at the German-based Wittenberg University, wrote a list of propositions known as the Ninety-five Theses to correct errors in the Roman Catholic Church. It set in... Read more »

Ethiopia: Landscape Restoration in Ethiopia Brings Watershed to Life

Photo: Cathy Watson/ICRAF Water is now abundant in Gergera after “treatment” of the catchment with gabions, planting of trees and elephant grass, and natural regeneration of vegetation. Ethiopia is suffering from severe... Read more »

Pilgrimage to Ethiopia’s 12th-century iconic churches | Ethiopia

The 11 medieval churches hewn from solid, volcanic rock in the heart of Ethiopia were built on the orders of King Lalibela in the 12th century. Lalibela set out to construct a “New Jerusalem”... Read more »

Take a look at the plans for the new Ethiopian cultural garden

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cultural Garden Federation approved plans for a new Ethiopian cultural garden to take root along Martin Luther King Dr., the first of the gardens to pay tribute to an... Read more »

Celebration featuring Ethiopia's stunning churches and a dazzling religious festival – Daily Mail

This was the best birthday party ever.  An English friend of mine living in New York celebrated a big birthday by inviting three women friends of a similarly unmentionable age from either side... Read more »

Photo by Sally Hayden/VICE News – VICE News

It’s been nearly 60 years since Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia, granted 500 acres of rural land to a newly burgeoning religion whose followers had begun worshipping him as a Messiah. The first... Read more »

Ethiopia: holy days and highland rock churches

But it is that drive that sticks in my mind. It was market day in Lalibela and, as our charming and indefatigable guide Sammy Tilahun told us, people walked from more than... Read more »

Horrific Car Accident On Ethiopia’s New Expressway Left Eleven Dead

An early morning major car accident on Sunday January 18th on the newly opened Addis-Adama expressway has left eleven people dead on impact and nine people wounded. Five of the wounded have... Read more »

Today is Christmas in Ethiopia

Today, January 7,  is Christmas in Ethiopia. Ethiopia (and especially the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) still use the old Julian calendar, so they celebrate Christmas on January 7th, not December 25th! The Christmas celebration... Read more »