Ethiopian maid thrown off 7th floor of Kuwait apartment returns home

An Ethiopian maid who was forcibly thrown from the seventh floor of a building in Kuwait has returned to the country four months after the incident that sparked outrage in the Gulf... Read more »

Ethiopian woman in viral Kuwait video: I wasn’t attempting suicide

An Ethiopian woman who survived a seven-storey fall in Kuwait has said she was attempting to save herself rather than be “killed inside that apartment away from people’s eyes”. The maid was... Read more »

When suicide is the only escape. Ethiopians in Lebanon

A revolution is needed to push the Lebanese government’s hand to make the requisite reforms to its labour laws. Washington, DC – For Alem Dechesa, death was the only way out. For... Read more »

Embassy in Lebanon Sues a Man Over Beating Ethiopian Domestic Worker

BEIRUT: The Ethiopian consulate in Lebanon has filed suit against Ali Mahfouz, the man who was caught on tape beating domestic worker Alem Dechasa outside her consulate. Dechasa, 33, committed suicide Wednesday.... Read more »

Ethiopian domestic worker beaten on camera killed herself

BEIRUT: The Ethiopian domestic worker whose beating outside her country’s consulate was widely publicized on video committed suicide Wednesday morning, Ethiopia’s consul general in Lebanon confirmed to The Daily Star. Alem Dechasa... Read more »

Man identified who abused the Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon

LBCI identifies the man who abused the Ethiopian domestic worker The scenes of the Ethiopian domestic worker being beaten outside the Ethiopian consulate were considered as a crime by all those who... Read more »

A Shocking Video Shows Ethiopian Girl Dragged and Abused in Lebanon Angered Many

A shocking video shot by Lebanese media LBC has gone viral on the internet and angered many around the world. In the disturbing video, a group of Lebanese Thugs are seen publicly... Read more »

Ethiopia suspends five Saudi recruitment agencies

DAMMAM – Ethiopian authorities have suspended the operations of five Saudi foreign recruitment agencies, criticizing what they claim is exploitation of domestic servants by these companies in Saudi Arabia. Hussein Al-Muttairi, member... Read more »
Ethiopian nanny Shweyga Mullah,

Shewaye Molla’s Mother and Sister Interview (updated)

Updated with Shewaye’s Message to her mother. Admass, Atlanta based Amharic radio reporter talk to a mother of Shewaye Molla w/ro Kuri and older sister Misrak on the current situation of Shewaye... Read more »

Ethiopian Nanny was not the only Hannibal Gadhafi’s wife abusing victim (Video)

Hannibal’s horrors: Others tell stories similar to burned nanny’s Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Shweyga Mullah gestures a greeting to her visitors at Tripoli’s burn hospital. Her head wrapped in fresh bandages, her... Read more »