In Ethiopia, foreign investment is a fancy word for stealing land

It’s been called by some to be a new form of colonialism. Others say it is outright theft. Since 2000, over 37 million hectares of land, mainly in the world’s poorest nations, have been... Read more »

US NGO Slams Rose Grower’s Karaturi Ethiopia Venture

The smell of success is usually sweet. But for the Rs 560 crore turnover Karuturi Global, this axiom cannot be farther than the truth. Karuturi’s ambitious foray into Ethiopia, one of Africa’s... Read more »

Ethiopia Makes 4 Million Hectares of Land Available to Investors

Ethiopia has made more than 4 million hectares (9.9 million acres) of “fertile and unutilized” land available for agriculture companies that meet government requirements, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said. About 300,000 hectares... Read more »

Ethiopia: A Battle for Land and Water (VIDEO)

A controversial resettlement program in Ethiopia is the latest battleground in the global race to secure prized farmland and water. Correspondent Cassandra Herrman reports as part of the Food for 9 Billion... Read more »
Ethiopian forest

Ethiopia: A double standard on land related issues

by Desalegn Sisay (Afrik) Ethiopia Agriculture Ministry, last month, rejected a petition to reconsider the lease of huge forestry lands to foreign companies. Whilst local environmentalists argue that the land lease would... Read more »

Punjab farmers to cultivate in Ethiopia, Import output to India

A group of Punjab-based farmers today said that they are going to grow pulses and oilseeds on 5,000 hectares of land in Ethiopia and import their farm produce to India. “We will... Read more »
Indian farm in Ethiopia

Ethiopia offers India farmland, 40 percent the size of Punjab

New Delhi, Feb 2: Ethiopia has offered to Indian investors 1.8 million hectares of farmland, equaling nearly 40 percent the total area of principal grain-growing state of Punjab, in what could give... Read more »