Ethiopian Jew participating in Bible Quiz gets Israeli citizenship

In a change of fortune, a Jewish teenager from Ethiopia participating in the International Bible Quiz in Israel was granted full Israeli citizenship, a week after he was reportedly asked to deposit... Read more »

Ethiopian Jew forced to put down money to ensure he won’t stay after Bible quiz

A Jewish teenager from Ethiopia who has reached the final stages of the annual International Bible Quiz in Israel will reportedly have to deposit thousands of shekels in order take part in... Read more »

Ethiopia: 80 Falashmura injured during protest outside Israeli embassy

Some 2,000 Ethiopian Jews demonstrate in front of embassy in Addis Ababa; demand to be allowed to make aliyah. Eighty protesters arrested. The Ethiopian police arrested some 80 Jewish protesters and injured... Read more »

Airlift of Ethiopian Falashmura to Israel postponed due to disaggrement

A flight of 170 Falashmura was unable to depart Tuesday due to an air transit disagreement between Israel and Ethiopia. An operation to bring 7,846 descendents of Ethiopian Jews to Israel has... Read more »

Ethiopian jews see no quick route to promised land

Falash Mura hope long hunger strike will draw attention to their poor living conditions, pave way for aliyah to Israel. ‘We’re ready to die until we get an answer,’ preacher says. In... Read more »

2,500 Ethiopian Jews begin hunger strike

Some 2,500 Ethiopian Jews have gone on a hunger strike to force the Israeli Government to repatriate them to their dreamland. They say their continued stay in Ethiopia was subjecting them to... Read more »

Israel approves immigration of 8,000 Falashmura from Ethiopia

Unlike Ethiopian Jews, Falashmura are not allowed into Israel under the Law of Return and will convert during absorption process. The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a plan to bring 7,846 members... Read more »