WikiLeaks releases emails about Stratfor’s investigation into Ethiopian airlines flight 409 crash

Stratfor’s investigation into Ethiopian airlines flight 409 crash Source: WikiLeaks Press On 25 January, 2010, 5 minutes after taking off from Beirut, Ethiopian Airlines flight 409 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. On... Read more »
Fares al-Banna

Report: Reason for Ethiopian Airlines Crash was a Bomb. Jordanian Mossad Man Involved in Plane ‘Blast’

Authorities in Mauritania have exposed a major Israeli spy network comprising a member involved in the “bombing” of the Ethiopian plane which crashed into Lebanon’s territorial waters on January 25, 2010, a... Read more »
Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi

Report on Ethiopian plane crash finalized: Lebanon official Aridi

BEIRUT: The official report on the Ethiopian plane crash which killed 90 people after taking off from Beirut in January 2010 has been finalized, the public works minister said Thursday. The report... Read more »

Black soot identified on APU of crashed Ethiopian plane

EthiopianReporter : Kaleyesus Bekele -Fuselage of the aircraft still in the Mediterranean Sea – Lebanese authorities reaffirm refusal to disclose required Information The aircraft accident investigation team of Ethiopian Airlines that is... Read more »
Ghazi Aridi

Crashed plane ET-409 final report will be released in July: Ghazi al-Aridi

Dailystar BEIRUT: The investigation into Ethiopian Airlines flight ET409 crash, minutes after taking off from Beirut’s Rafik Hariri airport a year ago, has made significant progress and the final report will be... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Giram Wake Says Reports on January Crash ‘Misleading’

VOA Peter Heinlein The head of Ethiopian Airlines is accusing Lebanese authorities of spreading misinformation about the cause of last month’s plane crash that killed 90 people. Ethiopian Airlines Chief Executive Girma... Read more »
Mrs. Marla Pietton, wife of the French ambassador was one of the victims of the crash

Lebanon News websites accusing Ethiopian Airlines for the crash report delay

Lebanon News websites accusing Ethiopian Airlines for delaying  the  report of the 2010 Ethiopian Airlines crash over the Mediterranean sea. The reports mentioning the Ambassador of France in Lebanon that he demanded... Read more »

Poor weather eliminated as contributing factor to 2010 Ethiopian Airlines plane crash

Aviation attorney suggests technical issues related to aircraft type as one possible cause By Patrick Galey Editor’s note: The following is the second article in a two-part report on the 2010 crash... Read more »

2010 Ethiopian boeing crash answers still elusive

BEIRUT: When Ethiopian Airlines flight ET409 plunged into the sea moments after taking off from Rafik Hariri International Airport on Jan. 25 last year, there was no shortage of theories on why... Read more »
Ethiopian airlines crash Beirut 2010

Ethiopian Airlines Beirut crash report to be released on January 25

Reporter: – Investigation team to visit Addis Ababa – Lebanese authorities refuse to provide required information By Kaleyesus Bekele The investigation report on the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft that crashed near... Read more »