Brazilian Football Legend Ronaldinho Arrives in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Addis Ababa, April 14, 2018- Brazilian soccer legend  Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (aka Ronaldinho Gaúcho)  has arrived in Ethiopia as part of the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour sponsored by Heineken.   Foreign... Read more »

Fairfax Africa Fund plans to build $4 billion oil refinery in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Fairfax Africa Fund, a US-based investment firm, in collaboration with multiple partners from Asian countries is planning to build an oil refinery in Ethiopia with a total investment cost of four billion... Read more »

Ambassador Michael Raynor arrives in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Michael Raynor is the newly appointed US Ambassador to Ehiopia Addis Ababa, September 29, 2017 (FBC) – The newly appointed US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Raynor, said he will do everything he... Read more »

Something Beautiful from Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Joanna’s favorite bag: The tote that started it all. The blossoming of an international partnership for leather bags and social good. On the popular shopping site of Magnolia Market — skyrocketed to... Read more »

The Peace Corps Experience in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Peace Corps Volunteers in Ethiopia When the Peace Corps was founded, the statement used to endorse the idea was that it was intended to promote world peace and friendship through volunteers, who would offer their... Read more »

US companies seek level playing field, transparency to invest in Ethiopia – Ethiosports

Tanya L. Cole, senior foreign commercial service officer with the US Embassy As more American companies are coming to engage in various investment projects in Ethiopia they are demanding for level playing... Read more »