Eritrea to Send Rare Peace Delegation to Ethiopia

[Deutsche Welle] Eritrea has responded to Ethiopia’s suprise recent overtures of peace with an announcement that it will send a delegation to its neighbour and one time enemy for... Read more »

Eritrea breaks silence and responds to Ethiopia peace overtures, will send delegation

ADDIS ABABA, Ethi­o­pia — Two weeks after the Ethiopian government made the surprise announcement that it was ready to accept a nearly 20-year-old peace deal with Eritrea, the reclusive... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Move to End Border Stalemate Could Bring Change in Eritrea

WASHINGTON —  In a surprise announcement, Ethiopia has promised to implement an international court’s decision resolving a border dispute with Eritrea. The move could end an 18-year stalemate and... Read more »

Ethiopia offers Eritrea chance to end Africa’s longest war

Image copyright AFP Image caption Ethiopia says it will withdraw its troops from the Badme region, as Eritrea has long demanded Ethiopia’s surprise announcement that it will abide by... Read more »

Sudan, Ethiopia accused of agreeing to support armed Eritrean opposition groups

Eritrea has protested a defense protocol signed between Ethiopia and Sudan, which it says is an agreement to support Eritrean armed opposition groups in order to ‘enable them properly... Read more »

Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict, 20 years on: Brothers still at war

An Eritrean soldier looks across the closed border towards Ethiopia from his post in Serha, Eritria [AP] By Awol K Allo The Ethiopian-Eritrean War of 1998-2000 erupted 20 years... Read more »

Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict, 20 years on: Brothers still at war | Ethiopia

The Ethiopian-Eritrean War of 1998-2000 erupted 20 years ago today, when the two countries went to war over the scrubby and desolate plains of Badime that are hardly useful... Read more »

Eritrea marks 28th anniversary of defeating Ethiopia in key liberation battle

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Monday (February 12) led a wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the 28th anniversary of a key military victory over Ethiopia in 1990. Afwerki laid... Read more »

How a rare protest scared the Eritrean regime | Eritrea

Amid the standard heavy military presence and the regime’s ban of any associations and gatherings, Asmara experienced an unusual protest on October 31. As the widely shared video clips... Read more »

Eritrea opposition: Security forces kill 28 protesters | Eritrea News

Security forces killed at least 28 people in rare protests in the Eritrean capital, an opposition group has claimed, raising concerns from human rights groups and activists. The violence... Read more »