Eritrea-Ethiopia peace is good news for Africa | Eritrea

Diplomats from Ethiopia and Eritrea are calling it a “joint declaration of peace and friendship” but that innocuous name is masking what may be one of the most important political changes in... Read more »

Ethiopia offers an olive branch to Eritrea | Ethiopia

It has been 18 years since Ethiopia and Eritrea signed the Algiers Peace Accord that officially ended the 1998-2000 war, which killed an estimated 100,000, displaced more than a million, and splintered... Read more »

Eritrea-Ethiopia border crisis: UN’s impotence to blame – Analyst

The United Nations, specifically the Security Council, is to blame for the raging Eritrea – Ethiopia border conflict which continues to threaten the peace in the Horn of Africa, an analyst has... Read more »

Eritrea-Ethiopia border tensions persist due to US meddling – President Afwerki

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki has accused the United States of being the architects of the borderline tension between them and neighbouring Ethiopia. In a letter addressed to selected heads of states, Afwerki... Read more »

Eritrean Soldiers Invade Information Ministry in Asmara. Calls for Free Political Prisoners

(Reuters) – Eritrean soldiers with tanks laid siege to the information ministry on Monday and forced state media to call for political prisoners to be freed, a senior intelligence official said. The... Read more »

Eritrean President Says U.S. is Behind Ethiopia Attack

Isaias Afeworki accuses U.S. of siding with Ethiopia * President says aim is to divert attention from border spat * Ethiopia has attacked rebel bases inside Eritrea * U.S. denies involvement in... Read more »

Proxy War Leads Tension Between Ethiopia, Eritrea

Ethiopia’s military strike against targets in Eritrea last week has opened a new phase on the proxy war the Horn of Africa neighbors have been waging for more than a decade.  Attention... Read more »
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Security Council to consider new Eritrea sanctions

UNITED NATIONS — The Security Council will begin Tuesday discussing a draft resolution on imposing new sanctions on Eritrea for what a UN report describes as destabilizing actions in East Africa. Neighbor... Read more »

Money raised from Eritrean-Americans helped finance militants in East Africa : UN

Matt O’Brien OAKLAND — Armed rebels in the famine-ravaged Horn of Africa are being partially bankrolled by money from immigrants in the Bay Area, according to a United Nations report. The East... Read more »

Earthquakes hit Eritrea – Ethiopia border region. Lufthansa cancels flights

ASMARA, ERITREA– A series of moderate earthquakes struck the Eritrea – Ethiopia border region on Sunday evening, seismologists said, but it was not immediately known if there was damage or if there... Read more »