Ethiopian Election Draws Record Turnout; Opposition Charges Fraud

Ethiopian officials say a record number of voters have gone to the polls in an election expected to give Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party a huge majority in... Read more »

Ethiopian Election 2010 in Pictures ( Updated )

Ethiopians electing a new parliament today May 23 , 2010 for the first time since a flawed 2005 poll that resulted in violence. follow the updated election  and related ... Read more »

Ethiopia is Voting. Opposition complained intimidation ( VIDEO )

Voters in Ethiopia are electing a new parliament for the first time since a flawed 2005 poll that resulted in violence. Sunday’s vote has been largely peaceful, but Medrek,... Read more »

The Eerie Silence of Ethiopia’s Election Campaign

TIME – Ethiopia is quiet as it heads into Sunday’s parliamentary elections — and that is part of the problem. The somberness of the capital Addis Ababa is in... Read more »

Five more years

The results are not in doubt, only the prospects of millions of impoverished and hungry Ethiopians Meles Zenawi and his ruling  (EPRDF) expect a landslide victory in the general... Read more »

Teddy Afro’s lawyer is running for parliament as EPRDF candidate

Teddy afro’s lawyer Ato Million Assefa is running for a parliament as OPDO/ EPRDF candidate. Ato Million is known as Teddy afro’s lawyer on the artist accusation of killing... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Media Fail to Spark Debate, Educate Voters, Say Observers

Ethiopians go to the polls this week-end amid concern by some activists that without a free media the parliamentary election cannot be free and fair. They say even though... Read more »

SCENARIOS-How might Ethiopia’s elections play out?

By Barry Malone ADDIS ABABA, May 18, 2010 (Reuters) – Ethiopians vote on Sunday in the first elections since a disputed 2005 poll — touted as the country’s first... Read more »

Experts Say There Will Be No Contest in Ethiopia’s Upcoming Vote

Horn of Africa experts in the United States say there will be no contest in Ethiopia’s parliamentary election Sunday.  They say it will be unlike the volatile vote in... Read more »

Ethiopian Opposition Says No Check On Vote-Count Mischief in Upcoming Election

Ethiopia’s main opposition bloc says it is being prevented from registering observers to witness vote-counting in this month’s elections for parliament. The integrity of the ballot-counting process is shaping... Read more »