Ethiopia to issue IDs to Rastafarian community

Rastafarians began immigrating to Ethiopia in the 1950s after Emperor Haile Selassie set aside 500 acres of land for descendants of African slaves seeking to return “home”. Picture: ... Read more »
wabi_shebele_hotel_Prince Beide Mariam Makonnen

Wabe Shebelle Hotel returned to Emperor Haile Selassie grandchildren

EthiopianReporter:By Tamiru Tsigie | The Wabe Shebelle Hotel, nationalized by the Derg regime in 1975, was returned to its rightful owners last Tuesday. The hotel was returned to Beedemariam Makonnen, Wondwossen Makonnen,... Read more »

Nelson Mandela pistol given by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie found

A search to find a pistol owned by Nelson Mandela said to be the first weapon of the African National Congress’ armed resistance to apartheid rule and given to him while he... Read more »