Ethiopia: Ethnic tensions continue to smolder in Somali region

A street in Jijiga, where much of the violence took place DW– Following ethnically motivated violence in the country’s east, Ethiopia’s new prime minister Abiy Ahmed wants to strengthen and stabilize the... Read more »

Ethiopian Disability Advocate Yetnebersh Nigussie Receives Right Livelihood Award

Yetnebersh Nigussie [Deutsche Welle] The Ethiopian lawyer spoke with DW about the importance of education and supporting the disability community in Africa and around the world. The award honors those who have... Read more »

′Moderate′ outlook for Ethiopia′s economy | All media content | DW

Business Ethiopia is among the world’s poorest countries. Despite that – or perhaps because of it – its economy has been expanding strongly since 2003, at an average of 10% per... Read more »

Ethiopia welcomes its enemy in open door strategy | All media content | DW

Drifting across the desert “It took us four days traveling from Asmara,” a 31-year-old Eritrean man says about the trek from the Eritrean capital, 80 kilometres north of the border, after arriving... Read more »

Amhara people pine for the Ethiopia of old | All media content | DW.COM

Glory days of old Gonder was once the seat of power in Ethiopia: a city of grand castles, banquets, pomp and ceremony. Nowadays, as soon as one leaves the city’s main roads,... Read more »

Ethiopia – drought highlights aid shortages | All media content | DW.COM

DW News Eastern Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 50 years. In Ethiopia alone 5.6 million affected people are in dire need of aid. The country also has to cope... Read more »

Ethiopia: Mobile App for students homework – Deutsche Welle

DW News Only 40% of Ethiopians pursue higher education. Eskinder Mammo and Amanuel Abrha are two Ethiopian entrepreneurs who hope to reach them with the app they have created to help... Read more »

Trade and Conflict Resolution On Agenda of Kerry Visit to Africa

Photo: U.S. State Dept US Secretary of State John Kerry will focus on human rights, crisis aid and economic cooperation on his six-day trip to three African countries. It was like a... Read more »
Ethiopia jam tv station - Sehnaoui

Jamming of Arabsat coming from Ethiopia : Report

BEIRUT: Preliminary investigations into the jamming of Arabsat satellite transmission shows that it is originating from Ethiopia, Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui said Wednesday, calling on Arabsat’s operator to secure new frequencies for... Read more »
Ethiopia jamming

Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia for Jamming Satellite Broadcasts

Eritrea’s government accused neighboring Ethiopia of jamming its satellite broadcasts and threatened to take legal action, the Information Ministry said. Ethiopia has been warned by the Arab Satellite Communications Organization that the interference is... Read more »