Carter Center Announces 126 Cases of Guinea Worm Disease Remain Worldwide

New York — The Carter Center announced today that 126 Guinea worm cases were reported worldwide in 2014. These provisional numbers, reported by ministries of health in the remaining four endemic nations... Read more »

Cairo and Khartoum caught in the winds of the Ethiopian dam

Egyptian-Sudanese relations have yet to address any of the major points that are being discussed between the two countries today and this is primarily due to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Sudan... Read more »
drinking water in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Government claims big gains in access to drinking water

From less than 20% of the population having access to clean water in 2000, the figure has risen to 68.5% today Ethiopia has tripled people’s access to safe drinking water in the... Read more »
drinking water project in Ethiopia

A multi-million dollar water project in eastern Ethiopia

The Ethiopian city of Harar lies in the dry eastern region of the country. The regional water supply from local Lake Alemaya dried out after years of water-intensive khat farming. Industrial pollution... Read more »