Ethiopia : PM Abiy Ahmed Shuffled Cabinet. Appointed first female defence minister

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given half the cabinet posts to women Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed the country’s first female defence minister in a new cabinet in which half... Read more »

Ethiopia PM wants a more professional army, equipped for modern warfare

Hardly a day after human rights group Amnesty International called for the disbandment of a notorious paramilitary police unit in Ethiopia, the prime minister Abiy Ahmed has called for reforms in the... Read more »

Ethiopian blogger critical of gov’t rearrested by security forces

The crackdown on dissent in Ethiopia under the state of emergency has intensified in the Oromiya region with several arrests made on Thursday morning. Some of the notable personalities who have been... Read more »

Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of planning full-scale war – TVC News

Eritrean presidential adviser Yemane Ghebreab is accusing Addis Ababa of planning a full-scale war against Asmara. Yemane warned that Ethiopia is finally making good its long term threat, adding that Ethiopian forces have... Read more »

Ethiopia and Sudan set to launch joint military operation

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle August 14, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia’s ministry of defence announced on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with its Sudanese counterpart to establish a joint military force... Read more »

Gelada Monkey Army Raids Ethiopian Harvest – Human Planet: Mountains, preview – BBC One In the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, a harvest is under attack from a ravenous enemy. Twelve year old Dereje steps up to defend his crops from the cunning Gelada monkeys. Read more »