CPJ expresses concerns to Ethiopia’s PM about lack of media freedom in the country

May 3, 2018 Prime Minister Abiy AhmedFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaOffice of the Prime MinisterP.O Box 1031Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Via email to Zadig Abraha, Spokesman in the Office of the Prime Minister... Read more »

Ethiopia using cloak of national emergency to stifle critical voices: CPJ

The Ethiopian government is using the February 16 state of emergency (SOE) to target persons critical of its decisions and activities, head of a rights group has averred. According to Robert Mahoney,... Read more »

Why release of two journalists in Ethiopia does not signal end to press crackdown

On January 10, radio journalists Darsema Sori and Khalid Mohammed were released from prison after serving lengthy sentences related to their work at the Ethiopian faith-based station Radio Bilal. Despite their release... Read more »

Ethiopia Frees Eritrean Journalists After Nearly 11 Years

VOA News- Two Eritrean TV journalists who spent more than a decade imprisoned in Ethiopia have been released, according to family members and Eritrean press freedom advocates. The sources told VOA’s Horn... Read more »

Ethiopian journalist Anania Sorri released from prison

Anania Sorri is an Independent Political Analyst and Researcher in Ethiopia -Authorities responsible for overseeing implementation of Ethiopia’s state of emergency today released Ethiopian commentator Anania Sorri. Anania told CPJ he was... Read more »

Ethiopia Frees Muslims Jailed After Protests Over Religion – ABC …

Ethiopia’s chief prosecutor said Saturday that the country pardoned hundreds of convicts, among them Muslims jailed under anti-terror laws for opposing what they called government interference in their religion. The president signed... Read more »

Ethiopia needs to do better

As they ready for two days of wheeling and dealing with a high-ranking Ethiopian delegation at a local hotel, Houston business and elected leaders today need to look beyond a foreign market... Read more »
Ethiopian journalist

Ethiopian Journalists Live in Fear of ‘Terror’ Law

Nowhere across Africa is the message that its people want a way out of what I call “the four Ds” – death, disease, disaster and despair – more resounding than among the... Read more »
Dawit Kebede with CPJ award presenter Robert Thomson - Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal

Awramba Times Dawit Kebede joins Ethiopia’s exiled journalists

New York, — Dawit Kebede, managing editor of Awramba Times, one of Ethiopia’s two remaining independent Amharic-language newspapers offering critical analysis of local politics, announced today that he was forced to leave... Read more »

Zenawi calls jailed Swedish journalists terror accomplices

New York,–Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s public accusations on Monday against two imprisoned Swedish journalists compromise the presumption of their innocence and predetermine the outcome of their case, the Committee to Protect... Read more »