Why is Telegram so popular in Ethiopia and not WhatsApp? — Quartz

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Chinese investment and a state of emergency: Ethiopia’s latest

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Ethiopia’s reinstatement of state of emergency worries Sweden

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A.U. dodges emergency rule in belated statement on Ethiopia situation

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Ethiopia foreign minister defends state of emergency, more prisoners released

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Ethiopia state of emergency to last six months

Written by Reuters, Monday, 19 February 2018 A state of emergency imposed in Ethiopia a day after the prime minister resigned will last for six months, the defence minister... Read more »

US urges Ethiopia to ‘rethink’ martial law

Ambassador Nikki Haley met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn today during her first trip to Africa. The US embassy in Ethiopia on Saturday urged Addis Ababa to reconsider... Read more »

Ethiopia: Irrigation Development Improving Livelihoods

By Yosef Ketema The inhabitants of lowlands of Ethiopia are mainly dependent on pastoralism and farming. However, the rainfall distribution in most cases is higher in highland areas than... Read more »

U.S. urges Ethiopia to “rethink” martial law – Xinhua

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Ethiopia under state of emergency after prime minister resigns

A state of emergency installed after the resignation of Ethiopia’s prime minister Thursday will continue for the next six months, a high-ranking official said Saturday, according to the Associated... Read more »