Dr. Berhanu Nega on the death of Meles Zenawi

Dr. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy shares his view to Awramba Times on the death of PM Meles Zenawi and the way forward for Ethiopia. Read more »

Ethiopia uses anti-terror laws to silence critical journalists

The Ethiopian government is using sweeping anti-terror laws to crack down on journalists critical of the regime. In the last three months, six journalists have been imprisoned, according to the New York-based... Read more »

ANALYSIS-Ethiopian detentions target weak opposition

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA, (Reuters) – When Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party was re-elected in 2010, analysts said he could take two paths: give the opposition scope to grow... Read more »

Ethiopia:Gov’t Forces Arrested 5 People Including Eskinder Nega and Andualem Aragie

Two fierce critics of Ethiopia’s ruling party have joined a growing list of government opponents detained in recent days under a new anti-terrorism law. The latest to be arrested are a journalist... Read more »