Ethiopia’s TPLF welcomes Eritrea’s decision to discuss border … – africanews

africanews Ethiopia’s TPLF welcomes Eritrea’s decision to discuss border …africanewsThe Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which recently criticised Ethiopia’s decision to hand over the disputed border town of Badme town to Eritrea,... Read more »

Editorial: Post-project X for Ethiopia and Eritrea: How to move from containment to détente

  EditorialAddis Abeba, June 12/2018 – Comments on the “no-war, no-peace” status between Ethiopia and Eritrea can be viewed and/or assessed from three levels. At the diagnostic level, it is argued (rightly)... Read more »

Ethiopia-Eritrea reconciliation project meets resistance from border communities

The decision by Ethiopia’s ruling coalition to resolver a border dispute with Eritrea has met stiff resistance from members of Badme town which was the epicenter of the war that killed tens... Read more »

The Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia |

Badme, on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia – The disputed border town of Badme is where war broke out between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 1998. It lasted for two years and devastated... Read more »

Instead of a wall, an open door: Why Ethiopia welcomes Eritrea’s refugees

Eritrean Refugees File Photo April 17, 2017 BADME, ALONG THE ERITREAN-ETHIOPIAN BORDER —When Yordanos and her two young children slipped safely across the Mereb riverbed between Eritrea and Ethiopia late one recent... Read more »

The Bad News Over Badme – Why Ethiopia Won’t Back Down On Eritrean Border : Analysis

Analysis by Michael Woldemariam For several years, combat along the tense Eritrean-Ethiopian frontier has been entirely rhetorical. This changed on March 16th, 2012 when the Ethiopian government boldly announced that it had... Read more »

Ethiopia in Threat to overthrow Eritrea’s Regime

Addis Ababa — Ethiopia has threatened to topple Eritrea’s regime should the international community fail to enforce sanctions placed on the country in 2009. Addis Ababa claims Eritrea is trying to destabilize... Read more »

Ethiopia urges Eritrea to refrain from destructive strategy against it

APA-Addis Ababa : Ethiopia on Friday in Addis Ababa the capital urged its neighbour Eritrea to refrain from destructive strategy against it, saying that it will take all necessary measures to safeguard... Read more »