Ethiopian Businessman Rejects Invitation to Meet Obama

Listen Interview Below (AddisNews) – Ato Wubshet Workalemahu an Ethiopian advertisement business person and former journalist reject an invitation to meet President Barack Obama at the day of his... Read more »

የ “ሶስት ማዕዘን” ፊልም ፕሮዲውሰር አርቲስት ቴዎድሮስ ተሾመ ላይ የ10 ሚሊዮን ብር ዕገዳ ተላለፈበት

የ “ሶስት ማዕዘን” ፊልም ፕሮዲውሰር እና የሴባስቶፖል ሲኒማ ቤት ባለቤት አርቲስት ቴዎድሮስ ተሾመ ላይ የ10 ሚሊዮን ብር ዕገዳ ተላለፈበት፣ (AddisNews) – በተለያየ ወቅት በሰራቸው ሰማያዊ ፈረስ፣ ዓባይ ወይስ ቬጋስ... Read more »

Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn Holds Discussion With Investors

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn – : Ethiopian music, drama, comedy and news videos daily. Sew le Sew drama and other popular show. Read more »

ESAT Daily Ethiopian News 8 November 2012 – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world Read more »

Prof. Ephrem Issac’s remark on the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi death

Prof. Ephrem Issac’s remark on the prime minister Meles Zenawi death and the fate of Political prisoners in Ethiopia.’s Dawit Kebede talk to Professor Ephrem. Watch the Video Read more »

Ethiopia: Yahya Abajobir killed in Atlanta in front of his children

DeKalb police are investigating the shooting of Yahya Abajobir a father of two during what they believe was an attempted armed robbery outside the family’s home. Investigators said 57-year-old... Read more »

Birtukan Mideksa’s remark on the death of Meles Zenawi ( Video)

Former judge and opposition leader, Birtukan Mideksa shares her view on the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.   Read more »

Dr. Berhanu Nega on the death of Meles Zenawi

Dr. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy shares his view to Awramba Times on the death of PM Meles Zenawi and the way... Read more »

CNN Erin burnett reaction on Meles Zenawi death (VIDEO)

CNN anchor Erin Burnett’s calls Meles Zenawi a dictator and describe what it means his death to the US government and her stay in Ethiopia Read more »

Ethiopia Delays Installation of Hailemariam Desalegn As a New Prime Minister

VOA- Ethiopia has delayed plans to swear in Hailemariam Desalegn as the new prime minister, following Monday’s death of Meles Zenawi. Parliament had been expected to hold an emergency... Read more »