Video of police beating exposes Israel’s rift with its Ethiopian Jews

Damas Pakada, 21, immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia seven years ago. He serves as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force, helping to provide for his siblings. A week ago on Sunday,... Read more »

Somalia: Al Shabaab executes ‘Ethiopia spy’

Somalia militant group al-Shabaab has executed a young man accused of spying for the Ethiopian troops in the country. The man, named Ali Salad Majin, 20, was shot dead in an open public... Read more »

Zone 9 Bloggers, Journalists Blast Terror Charge

By Mikias Sebsibe Judge who withdrew makes a return Defendants in the Zone 9 case blasted the prosecution’s terror charge for lack of clarity as they enter a plea of not guilty... Read more »

Diaspora Investor Set Free in a Higher Court Reversal of a Two-Year Sentence

By Lucy Kassa Lideta federal high court has reversed the cyber crime sentence previously passed by a first instance court against Yonas Kassahun, a diaspora with a German citizenship who was alleged... Read more »

Teen’s Death After Kidnapping and Gang Rape Causes Scrutiny of Ethiopia’s …

The brutal kidnapping and gang rape of a teenage student in Addis Ababa has spurred a movement against gender-based violence in Ethiopia and throughout the country’s diaspora communities. Sixteen-year-old Hanna Lalango was... Read more »

Defence Force – Nine Charged with Espionage

By Tamiru Tsige Seven Ethiopian and two Eritrean nationals this week were charged with espionage on Ethiopia’s defence force stationed at the Ethio-Eritrean border. The charge filed at the nineteenth criminal bench... Read more »

Ethiopia: Prime minister Accused ICC of “intimidating” African Leaders Only

Addis Ababa (HAN) October 19, 2014. Public Diplomacy and National security news. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn defended his government’s policies and accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of “intimidating” African leaders.... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines Says Crash Report Not Finalized – Accused Lebanon Faild for Provide Evidence

BEIRUT: Ethiopian Airlines disputed Monday a statement from Lebanon’s public works minister that the investigation report into Ethiopian jet that crashed into the Mediterranean in 2010 has been finalized, and accused Lebanon... Read more »
ATM Scam

Man Accused In ATM Scam Arrested In South Seattle

Beneyam Asrat G-Sellassie, 22, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges related to a skimming operation run in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle said. G-Sellassie is accused... Read more »

Ethiopian tenant accused of stabbing landlord

Believing his banished tenant was just returning to retrieve a water bottle, a Calgary landlord let him in his door only to be stabbed, court heard Monday. Abenet Yematawork said he was... Read more »