More Than 11,000 South Sudanese Flee to Ethiopia After Fall of Rebel-Held Town

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — The UN refugee agency on Tuesday reported a sharp rise in the number of refugees fleeing South Sudan’s conflict, after government forces captured the rebel stronghold of Nasir... Read more »

Red Cross Provides South Sudanese Refugees With Urgent Life-Saving Support

Since violence erupted in South Sudan in mid December, more than 95,000 people have fled to Gambella, in neighbouring Ethiopia, where they arrive exhausted, sick and in desperate need of support. The... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Chickpea Industry Sees Boost By Large-Scale Initiative

A Guts Agro Industry initiative means that Ethiopia’s staple Shiro dish will soon be pre-packaged and available in supermarkets and shops after the company secured 66,000 dollars in funding from USAID. Shiro,... Read more »

Red Cross Trains South Sudanese Refugees

Buses full of South Sudanese refugees drive through the mango and fish rich town of Gambella, in southwestern Ethiopia, before finally arriving at the newly set up refugee camp of Leitchor near... Read more »