8.5 million Ethiopians need food aid

food aid

The number of people that are in need of emergency assistance in Ethiopia has increased to 8.5 million; well surpassing the 5.6 million estimated in January 2017. According to the newly revised Humanitarian Document (HRD) in order to respond to the emergency, USD 1.25 billion is needed of which USD 487.7 million is outstanding.

According to the Document an additional of 4 million people targeted by the Government’s food pipelines will also require a total USD 300 million in sustained assistance.

The HDR was revised after the Ethiopian Government along with other partners conducted a food security assessment between May 23 and June 22, 2017. According to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, in January the number of people affected by the drought had dropped to 5.6 million from the 10.2 million last year, a 44 percent decline.
Due to several humanitarian emergencies that are ongoing globally, it has been difficult for the Ethiopian government to receive the financial assistance required from donors. The National Disaster Risk Management Commission has also stated that command posts for early warning, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian aid needs, as well as warehouses have already been established close to affected areas in order to reach those in need much more efficiently.

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The HRD shows that 3.9 million children and pregnant and lactating women are expected to be acutely malnourished, including 376 000 children expected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition. In addition, 10.5 million people will require access to safe drinking water while 2.25 million households will require support to keep their livestock alive.

The southern and eastern regions of Ethiopia are the ones that will continue to be severely affected by the drought, while the number of refugees fleeing from South Sudan is putting pressure on the already saturated service provision on North West regions, the HRD states.

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