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ኣንደበተ-ርቱእኣዊ ኣነጋገሮች (ክፍል ፫)፦ ኣሳሳቢው የኢትዮጵያውያን ጉራማይሌ እና መፍትሄው

only old timer worried about ጉራማይሌ// any language must adopt and grow what would u say cellphone …even American English took a lot of thing from French and Italian that is how the language grow…

i know sometimes it is to much ጉራማይሌ but with limit ጉራማይሌ is perfectly okay because you can communicate ur message fast and clearly

what i hate is anti ጉራማይሌ extremist or i would like to call them ጉራማይሌ terrorist like VOA … they will not allowed u to mix even one single English work when u have interviewer with them in Amharic… they interrupt the interview to correct the guest so many time it is no longer fun to lesion,,, besides it is also Ethiopian culture not to interrupt ur guest …

beside VOA is founded by America tax payer the least the Ethiopia people should do is try to learn English as pay back they cant be free loader … USA spend a lot of money to brought to us this Amharic program at least what we should do is learn English in way beneficial to u

in fact Ethiopian international language is English therefore there is no excused for Ethiopian people not to learn English ,,, beside if everyone interrupted those ጉራማይሌ speaker then how on earth on can learn English if everyone forcing u to speak Amhric… i know some old timer like Ababaw with woman name can say if u want to speak English u have to speak English but no ጉራማይሌ … i have an answer for those old timer who would like to keep the old gate … how in hell would u learn if u r not trying with few word here and there … so when speaking English become normal then Ethiopian people will pick up English otherwise where they going to learn their English if they have no given chance to speak it and make mistake …

Thanks for MELES … today more and more Ethiopian people speaking English … during the Amahra rule all leaders and official where forced to speak Amharic even if they knew English … but thanks for Meles he is the first to give interview in English so after him everyone trying their best to speak in English…

your father mengistu haile mariam used translator to speak in English saying he does it to respect Amharic what an idiot … how about this own ethnic language why did he never spoken in public his own language .. today all official are free to speak in their own ethnic language

so this ጉራማይሌ business is outdated logic… speak freely no body should have the right to tell me to speak this or that way… u dont want what i am saying then dont buy it.. i dont tell u how to speak and u should not either have a nice day

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